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There’s the old writer’s maxim: ‘write about what you know’. So my first foray into fiction makes the male protagonist a house-renovating nut. I felt that writing about familiar territory would lend credibility! Therefore the book is to some extent autobiographical, although I weave in a strong fictional thread, with an entirely made-up heroine, too. Essentially this is a love affair between a white man and a black woman. This introduces two issues: Firstly intermarriage, racial tolerance and so forth; and secondly love, full sexual love, between elderly people. The novel tells Martin’s and Lily’s very different life stories, told in flashback and interweaving them with the blossoming of their love as their lives converge in the autumn of their days. Towards the end a serious impediment to their happiness is resolved in dramatic fashion, and the final dénouement is sad, yet compassionate and a testament to the power of love. If you enjoy an emotionally powerful read, one that might move you to anger against injustice but now and then make you smile wryly in remembrance of youth too, this offering might be for you. It’s certainly written from the heart. It’s available, moderately priced, on Amazon Kindle.

If any of us are lucky enough to find love and have it for any amount of time, we’ve been given a gift, which is exactly what I think Lily and Martin had. The ending was my undoing. It broke my heart and I recommend tissues, but I loved this story! Gwen Kallie, Goodreads

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this gentle love story. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, there are many life lessons nestled within the pages of this lovely book. Susan Keefe Reviewer

The book tugged at my heart strings all the way through and the final poignant pages of the last chapter took me completely by surprise, leaving me moved and yet uplifted, hungry for more from this writer. Whilst not perfect, this is a very creditable debut from an author with something to say. Shirley Hardy


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Once a printer, graphic designer, house renovator and landscape gardener, I'm now retired and a writer of books with a passion.
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One Response to Convergence

  1. Mij Woodward says:

    Hi John!

    I am SO HAPPY to find your wordpress blog site! This will give me so much enjoyable reading. As you can probably tell, I am sort of a novice when it comes to making comments, (e.g. phrases such as “wordpress blog site”).

    Also, I believe I am leaving a comment tied to the Convergence section, which I have not read yet, as it was the only place where I found the command, “leave a comment.”

    You are giving me some inspiration on creating a site like yours, for my family. Your site is a beauty to behold. Just the right amount of photos, and the layout simple, no clutter.

    I read the introduction and liked it very much. Plan to read some every morning. Loved the beautiful shot of the hills flowing down to the water. Be prepared for my questions.

    Tor and I loved the part in your Goodreads comments about our being 8 hours in your past or something. Laughed ourselves silly. Will answer soon.

    Keep writing! – Mij

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