Another Spring

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Another Spring is an eclectic collection of sometimes heart-warming, sometimes poignant, unashamedly emotional tales. Two are slightly altered, borrowed chapters from my full length novels Convergence and Forebears, one is a taste of my upcoming novel The One of Us and the final two are stand-alone short stories.

They are tales of the seasons of the year; stories from the seasons of life. They are tales of people of the present and people from the past playing out life’s dramas, major or minor, with consequences sometimes trivial, sometimes profound.

In Awakening an un-named black girl finds awakening of love in her barren life.

In Skeggy Day Out a young girl samples a first kiss with a young man after having a fright at the seaside in 1924.

In Baby Blues two couples go through the hopes and anxieties of child adoption, finding they have something in common.

In Dream, Dream, Dream the angst of being an ugly duckling teenage boy in the 1950s comes good, with a surprise twist in the tail.

In Another Spring  a writer reminisces about the recent years of his past in recollections bitter-sweet.

These are stories that will tug the heart strings and sometimes make you smile. And sometimes too, perhaps, they might provoke another sort of smile: a wry one of remembrance.

I hope you enjoy them.

Another Spring is currently available to download as an ebook at generous discount at the publisher, Autharium at It’s also available at Amazon and all major retailers now.

Read a sample passage from Baby Blues in my post ‘Not so Rosie.’

See more information and links to reviews about the book at Another Spring – Five heart-warming seasonal tales


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Once a printer, graphic designer, house renovator and landscape gardener, I'm now retired and a writer of books with a passion.
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