For children from seven to seventy

Capture Toby's Tails

Never mind that this is intended for children (and if my grandchildren were still small I’d certainly read it to them) I really enjoyed this delightful first book in Susan Keefe’s Fantasy Farm Tales series. Told from the point of view of Toby, Susan’s handsome border collie, this is a charming tale, both entertaining and educational. Contrary to what another reviewer has said, I think it’s totally permissible for animals to speak articulately in human language (after all, how else can you tell a dog’s story writing in first person?). And we are suspending disbelief, when all’s said and done.

Importantly too, this is a life lesson for children and sure to inculcate a love of dogs (you feel Susan’s love for them shining through the narrative) – and indeed all animals – in the citizens of the future. After all, if we’re taught to be kind to animals, chances are, hopefully, we’ll be nice to other humans too. Susan gets the intellectual tone of the book just right: not too small-childish and not too adult; well within the reading capabilities of an 8 years-plus child, (particularly a girl, probably) I would have thought.

This new edition now contains full colour pictures of Toby and his animal friends. Be warned though: the picture of six week-old Toby is EXTREMELY cute!  I warmly recommend this enchanting, lovingly written book, available on Amazon.

Capture Awakening cover

And now for something completely different: my anthology of short stories, Awakening, is free (yes, entirely free) to download from Amazon this coming weekend, August 22 – 23. Only for two days though, so hurry!


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