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Words about The One of Us

There’s the old saw, usually directed at children, that goes: ‘The greatest gift of all is encouragement’. Like most maxims, it contains a large kernel of truth. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a little praise? And it applies to adults … Continue reading

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Nature or nurture?

What happens when identical twins, born to a teenage mother who’s unable to cope and abandons them, are separately adopted after their less-than-ideal start in life and brought up in decidedly disparate family circumstances? Yes, I know, it would be … Continue reading

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  I thought when I wrote that heading that I’d invented a new word. But no; I’ve just checked the Oxford English Dictionary. It does exist, it tells me: a long-winded-sounding noun to express the feeling of belonging. It’s exactly … Continue reading

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Another Spring

Another Spring is an eclectic collection of sometimes heart-warming, sometimes poignant, unashamedly emotional tales. Two are slightly altered, borrowed chapters from my full length novels Convergence and Forebears, one is a taste of my upcoming novel The One of Us … Continue reading

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Not so Rosie

I wrote last time about sentimental perceptions of golden childhood; of happy carefree days, the sort of childhood we would wish for every child. But as I said, sadly, in the real world, many children are not so lucky. I … Continue reading

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