Minolta DSC   Welcome to my website. This is where I write about anything that takes my fancy, anything that magnetically draws two jabbing forefingers, their companions quite redundant, towards the keyboard. I never did learn to type properly.  Where I offer opinions to the world. Where I review books I particularly like and where I say a little about my own writing. If you’d like to, please linger awhile and browse, and read anything that takes your fancy.

I’ve always been passionate about words; about the mental pictures they paint when chosen carefully and skilfully combined. Working with them began early for me in my working career, as a compositor in the olden days of metal type, then as a graphic designer and copywriter. Then, like the filling in a sandwich, there came an interlude in the middle of my adult life when I did something completely different: old house renovation and then landscape gardening. Now, living in Wales these last twenty-nine years, I’ve renewed my acquaintance with words. I blog them and sometimes fashion them into novels (two of which can be read here) or short stories.

I just love words.

Capture Conversations at Table

This novel is available serialised chapter by chapter for visitors to read for free. If you’d like to know something about it, please click the link Conversations At Table in the May 2019 archive to it on the right of this page. I hope you enjoy and perhaps are occasionally a little moved by it.

And this can also be read gratis. If you’d like information, please look at the post Angels in the family in the January 2017 archive, where you can begin reading it. To continue, read each subsequent post on from there, leaving out, if you like, the post Unwelcome to Britain? which is a digression into my views about some possible consequences of Brexit.

Snip of Mixed Emotions paperback cover

This is my enlarged anthology of short stories (which was previously published under the title Awakening). It contains three new stand-alone short stories and two purloined from the novels above. For more information and a sample read, of the titular story, please click the link Mixed Emotions on the right. It’s published in both ebook and paperback form on Amazon.

Capture Secret Shame 4

This is my previous properly published (on Amazon) novel The Flautist: a tale of love, music, acceptance and deliverance from despair. To learn about it see my posts in the April 2016 archive (reading in this order): You say Flutist, I’ll say Flautist, Head for heights? and Can you judge a book by just one page?  

Sister Annie snip1

Here is my new novel, Sister Annie and Me, now published both as a physical and ebook on Amazon. It’s a story of sibling love, loyalty and coming of age. Please have a look at the post Sibling Sympathy for more details.

Details of my previous novels, all of which except Christobel and Conversations at Table, are available on Amazon, can be had by clicking the other cover images on the right hand side and at the bottom of the page.

13 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Gwen Kallie says:

    Thank you for the nice, friendly invitation and that glorious sunset to look upon. I accept your welcome and look forward to your wonderfully worded offerings.

  2. wordsfromjohn says:

    Thanks Gwen! Hope you enjoy my site.

  3. Hi John
    I have been sitting at the computer just finishing my mother’s side of the family tree;would you believe the furthest relative I can trace back was a Chemist & Druggist in Coventry (about 1770-just like me!-about when Cook found Ozz) It is cold & miserable as I look out my window, unlike the lovely photos you show above, so we’ll probably head for the Cinema to see Malificent.
    You should be getting into some pretty good weather in June as we head into winter.Lucky you! Enjoy!

    • wordsfromjohn says:

      Lucky you Mike in being able to trace your lineage so far back. It’s fascinating! I could only get as far back as the British census goes: 1841.

  4. I am so jealous of your summer house/writing den! It is beautiful. I do my writing at the kitchen table or the table in the lounge! Would so love a special place! Enjoy!

    • wordsfromjohn says:

      Thanks Chantelle; you’re very kind. Yes, I enjoyed making the summerhouse. (Bit of a bugger to make though, as the rear corners are cut off to make it fit better into the corner. Created lots of strange angles. Still, an interesting challenge!) I entertained ideas of creating a complete Hansel and Gretel-type house to live in before coming here, but the idea fell through. So I settled for the summerhouse instead. Really liked your last blog!

  5. nompie says:

    Hello John
    I’ve just put up my contribution for the Autharium Writer’s Blog Tour on my blog site and you have been specially mentioned.
    Regards Mike

  6. Hello John
    Just checking your blog.
    I have just sent Vignettes in for review to on-demand publishing with Createspace. I’m still having a bit of trouble with the fonts and adding the index at the beginning tends to create a bit of havoc but sorted the latter out. I should be doing this on iAuthor shouldn’t I?
    –to be continued—

    • wordsfromjohn says:

      There’s no stopping you now is there Mike? They’ll probably ask you for a higher-res. cover image again, as per Love from Dad. Just put your Kindle version cover on iE; there’s no point in putting the physical book cover there. (Same with LfD; the original is better.anyway). Still waiting to see you put an advert on iA?

  7. OK to have a well earned rest. Hope you’re enjoying it! I’m trying to overcome writers block . maybe I should just sit back and “let it stew ” as the last autharium blog suggests.

  8. Give Sali a pat from me!

  9. Scott Boeser says:

    Hi John, Im a volunteer Journalist in the Bournemouth area looking to write an article about Smuggling history in Bournemouth. I hoped you would be able to spare me five minutes on the phone, or answer a few questions over email? please contact me – scotteboeser@gmail.com – many thanks.

    • wordsfromjohn says:

      Hello Scott, I’m afraid, I think, you’re victim of mistaken identity. I’m not the John Needham who writes about Bournemouth. Unfortunately, two of us with the same name are bundled together on Amazon. (You’ll note there’s no mention of books about Bournmouth on this website). I don’t know whether the other John Needham is contactable at all. I hope you can find him. Good luck!

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